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This Track List Tho!
1. My Turn 2. YGFW 3. Wanna Love You 4. Brand New 
5. Miranda Writes 6. Foolish 7. Frozen 8. Open Minded 
9. Shine 10. Ten 11. Making Up 12. Afraid of The Dark
My Turn - The debut album is Your’s to preview starting TOMORROW from Miranda Gil Dot Com! #ActionFiguresMusic

Coming Saturday July 26th! Preview Miranda Gil’s anticipated debut album “My Turn” from a link you’ll find right here at! ** Hair & Make-Up by Nell Gil at ** Photo by Korina Lopez at **

It’s an honor singing The National Anthem, and there’s absolutely no better feeling than getting a thumbs up from the crowd that I did it justice! 👏👏👏 #ilivefortheapplause

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